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This calculator will calculate the distance between cities and countries of the world will
to all those who want to find out the exact distance between Edinburgh – London
our calculator to calculate the distance will be useful for any driver
who wants to get acquainted in advance with an unknown route and to consider it in detail
on a geographical map of the world, get more information about the cost of fuel
and estimated travel time, and much more.

How to use our calculator to calculate the distance!

Specify (Start of route), from what city you go
and your (End of route) what city arrive, now click
(Calculate the distance) you will get the result of the distance calculation
and the detailed route on the world map.

Our calculator calculates the distance in miles and kilometers on the road.
For more information, there are also other fields.
Fuel consumption per 100 mil – indicate how many liters of fuel consumed your car for 100 mil.
The cost of fuel per 1 liter – indicated the actual cost of 1 liter of fuel.

Best route – our distance calculation calculator always chooses the best route on a world map.
Alternative route – if you do not like the best route, you can try choose an alternative route.

You can specify your own road speed (mil/h), the default
our calculator always take into account for each section of the road, the speed limit is.
Motorways = 70 mil/h.
Highway = 70 mil/h.
Regional roads = 60 mil/h.
Local roads = 30 mil/h.

Our calculator calculates the route as the toll and toll-free roads
in order to calculate a route only on free roads
you need to remove the flag (Allow toll roads).
In addition, if this route you do not want to use the ferry and go only
on the roads, you will need to remove the flag (Allow ferry), now your route
will laid on the roads avoiding ferries, if possible.

The most useful feature of our calculator to calculate distances is the possibility
to add up to 10 intermediate points (Through the city)
this means that you can specify any intermediate city
or settlements up to 10 pieces that you want to pave through them your way.

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